Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Other Washington Lore

I had no idea about some of the great stuff listed HERE ..... like the following....

HERE is some interesting Lore in Washington ....  like this one ....

The Bottomless Pit - Eastern Washington State

They call it Mel's hole, named after the man who first reported the pit's existence. Apparently the hole is located in the hills of Washington somewhere near Manatash Ridge, in Ellensburg, Washington.
As the story goes, much like any bottomless pit legend, you can throw in as much stuff as you want yet you will never hear it hit bottom and the hole never seems to fill up. Now if this was all to the legend I would simply pass it off as an underground stream, or something of that nature, washing away anything that might be thrown in, but there's more, much more.
According to the legend the hole was once used for cow dumping, an act once commonly practiced to dispose of sick cattle. The story told by Mel Water's, a self proclaimed inter-tribal medicine man named Red Elk, and several other eye witnesses is that at certain times of the day a black beam can be seen coming out of the hole.
The witnesses have described this beam as a dark column-like shadow, rising straight into the air and appearing out of nowhere. Water's also tells the tale of a local hunter dumping his dog into the hole after it's accidental death, only for the dog to appear trotting out of the woods several hours later. All witnesses involved, have claimed to feel an uneasiness whenever they're near the pit, and that animals seem to avoid the area as much as possible.

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