Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monster: The Batsquatch

I'm trying to find some local legend to attach to my story and I come across this ....   From HERE ...  there is one listed for ever state!

Photo by docentjoyce.
Monster: The Batsquatch
The gist: Do I really have to spell it out for you?
Story: Sure, Mount Everest may have the Abominable Snowman, but Mt. Saint Helens has the Batsquatch. Only one of these mountain creatures has wings, so it’s obvious which one would win in a fight. First reported in 1980, the Batsquatch is said to have purple skin, piercing red eyes, a head resembling a cross between and an ape, and, duh, wings. According to unknown-creatures.com, a peer-reviewed online science journal, “some believe that it is actually a flying primate but researchers claim that it is more closely joined to the fruit bat of northern America.” And as typically happens with such beasts, it’s said to go after local livestock. At least one source believes that the creature comes not from Earth, but from another dimension opened up by the eruption of the volcano. Only one person, Butch Whittaker, has come forward with a full sighting. In 1994, while preparing to climb the mountain, he saw a strange, horrid, winged beast in the air. There are claims he has photos, but they don’t appear to be available online. Someone should start a Kickstarter to get him a scanner.

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